Use of Force

Use of Force Example

Timothy T. Williams, Jr. is a Use of Force Expert in both State and Federal Court. Mr. Williams is known for his detailed analysis in cases involving Use of Force.  He will analyze the tactics used to determine if the force that was used is excessive force and if the force utilized followed established policies and procedures.  His oral and written reports as it relates to Use of Force issues are thorough and will withstand the scrutiny of opposing counsel and the court.


Retired Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Senior Detective Supervisor, Timothy T. Williams, Jr., pulls back the curtain on Use of Force, Police Procedure and Wrongful Convictions in his debut book, A Deep Dive: An Expert Analysis on Police Procedure, Use of Force and Wrongful Convictions. In the book, Williams recounts his experiences with LAPD, and how he applies that knowledge as a Use of Force, Police Procedure and Wrongful Convictions Expert in State and Federal Court involving criminal and civil rights cases across the country.


An over 29-year LAPD veteran, Williams launched his private consultancy practice in 2003, and has provided expert testimony in over 200 cases and analysis of over 1,200 cases, including several landmark cases such as the "Grim Sleeper" death penalty trial in Los Angeles and wrongful conviction cases as the "Englewood Four" out of Chicago, Illinois. Most notably, Williams' expert analysis in the wrongful murder conviction of Kash D. Register helped to lead to the largest reported settlement, at that time, in an individual civil rights case in the history of Los Angeles, totaling $16.7 million in restitution. 


"Tim Williams, Jr. gives us a lot to think about from his critical assessments of “the good, the bad and the ugly” of our justice systems today. For all of us, whether we are in the system or outside observers, this is a thought provoking journey well worth taking," says Earl Thomas, Retired Criminal Prosecutor and Former Chief of the Criminal Branch of the Los Angeles City Attorney’ s Office. 


Williams has been hired by some of the most recognizable names in law including The Innocence Project, The Cochran Firm, Carl Douglas, Mark Geragos, and Thomas Mesereau. In his book, Williams provides the necessary gems to become a successful trial expert. “As an expert, one has to block out the noise of opinion(s) and analyze the case objectively. As an expert, you owe it to the retaining counsel to give them the good, the bad and the ugly of the case so they can competently represent their client,” states Williams in his debut book. 


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