Police Practices & Procedures Expert Witness

Police Procedure

When it comes to understanding the police procedure for arresting someone, Timothy T. Williams, Jr. is a nationally recognized police procedure expert. He is a Police Procedure Expert in both State and Federal Court, and has testified in cases nationwide and on every level of the judicial system. Mr. Williams career includes almost 30 years as an active police officer, detective, detective supervisor, and senior detective supervisor; which makes him a police expert and a great civil rights expert witness. Mr. Williams will analyze a case, focusing on the proper patrol and investigative procedures, supporting his findings with the requisite policy and procedures of the involved agency along with the established industry standards and practices.  His oral and written reports as it relates to Police Procedure issues are thorough and will withstand the scrutiny of opposing counsel and the court.

Unlike other expert witnesses, Mr. Williams has not been trained merely by workshops and the examination of the hypothetical. He is a retired police officer who has extensive real life, real world experience as a Senior Detective Supervisor from the Los Angeles Police Department’s elite Robbery-Homicide division. Mr. Williams spent over 29 years in the LAPD, and this experience sets him apart from the rest. In addition, his track record as a police procedure expert witness is very thorough. His testimony, depositions, and insight has led to millions in settlements. He is a police procedure and  use of force expert witness with the knowledge, background, and track record you can trust. He knows what to expect and knows what to look for when reading police reports from the scene of an incident. 

According to a 2019 report by the Vera Institute of Justice, police arrest 10.5 Million people annually. A large percentage of those arrests are unnecessary. USA Today's October 14, 2019 investigative article titled, "Tarnished Brass" revealed 85,000 cops that have been investigated or disciplined for misconduct over the past 10 years in the United States. These individuals created 200,000 incidents of misconduct. As a criminal defense or civil rights attorney, you want an expert on your defense team that understands all the many real ways that police procedures and practices can violate your client's civil rights. There is a clear track record of missteps that Mr. Williams is an expert in spotting.

Areas of Police Procedure Investigation Expertise

  • Homicide
  • Robbery
  • Home Invasion Robbery 
  • Property Crime
  • Crime Against Persons 
  • Sexual Assault 
  • Child Abuse 
  • Workplace discrimination LETE 
  • Juvenile Investigations